Opening Doors to Native Knowledge GRDK
The project

In Greenland, we are pilot testing the use of locally-based monitoring of living resources as a tool for improving Arctic resource management. With funds from the Nordic Ministerial Council, the European Commission and the Government of Greenland, we are establishing and testing locally-based monitoring of resources in seven communities in Disko Bay and Uummannaq, Qaasuitsup Municipality in North West Greenland.

We expect the activities to improve the capacity and opportunities of the communities in terms of monitoring and managing resources within sustainable limits. Moreover, we expect it to improve communication and understanding between users and natural resource managers at a higher level.

Experiences from this pilot project will be analysed and disseminated amongst Arctic decision-makers, scientists and managers. The initiative benefits from valuable lessons from involving local hunters in monitoring the populations of eider and caribou. The project is contributing to the implementation of the Arctic Council's strategy on community-based resource monitoring (CAFF/2008).